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See Three Levels of Washington Square Bachelor Pad

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Event: Happy hour and viewing at 106 Waverly Place triplex PH
In the House: a relatively young crowd for these types of events
Dress Code: Washington Square casual
Menu: cheese and crackers, crudités, and fruit and olives
Overheard: Alternately, "I love spiral staircases!" and "I hate spiral staircases!"

The top-floor apartment at 106 Waverly Place is a bachelor pad on the market after it looks like the owner outgrew its purpose. Once featured in an Architectural Digest spread, the two-level apartment with rooftop greenhouse lounge and deck has been fully outfitted with all the accoutrements of a certain type of home: pool table, salvaged ballpark seats, arcade game tucked into a gallery niche. Impressively, thousands of individual bricks in the walls on both sides of the apartment were hand-painted a number of different colors. Three sets of stairs lead to and from different levels of the 3,500 square foot apartment, including a spiral staircase from the master bedroom up to the roof deck and greenhouse enclosure. If one includes the 55 stairs one has to climb to get up to the apartment, a buyer could practically just cancel his gym membership and put the money towards the $4.75 million the seller is asking.

· 106 Waverly Place #PH [Corcoran via StreetEasy]