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El Dorado Wants to Oust Chain-Smoking Heiress

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Diane Wells, a 59-year-old heiress living in the El Dorado, is taking the chi-chi co-op back to the smoke-filled era of Mad Men. Her habit is so intense that neighbors say the cigarette smoke seeps out of her ninth floor apartment, permeates the elevator shaft, and stinks up every floor down to the lobby. The co-op board is trying to evict Wells, a tenant of the building for ten years, and they filed a lawsuit against her earlier this week, reports the Post. The smell wafts through the whole building because of holes in the walls of Wells' apartment, and a hole in the plumbing line. Apparently, neighbors have even bought air purifiers for her, but she refused to use them. Wells is also $18,000 behind on her common charges and she's short $42,000 in her escrow account, which hasn't made the co-op board any happier.

Side note: the apartment actually belonged to Wells' late multimillionaire mother, who died in 2007. Wells has been allowed to live in the apartment while battling with her siblings over mommy's estate.

Photo by Diego Silvestre from Sao Paulo, Brazil - Eldorado Building. Uploaded by, CC BY 2.0

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