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A Dozen Things The Times Needs You to Read About Greenpoint

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Hang on to those subway maps people. We know you're still probably searching for the nearest L train station so you can get to this Brooklyn Shangri-La called Williamsburg that the Times anointed yesterday, but the Grey Lady has already moved on to the next hot thing. It's a place called Greenpoint, and it's supposed to be the next Williamsburg. If you know anything about Brooklyn, it's that things are only great there before everyone knows they're great, so a pre-Williamsburg Greenpoint is just too cool to characterize. The Times does, however, and it is recommended reading. While you're waiting for the G train to arrive in Manhattan, here are some of our favorite lines:

12) "'I suppose I'm the perfect case study for imminent gentrification,' said J. P. Horton, 28, an I.T. consultant wearing orange shorts, sandals and a designer T-shirt, as he strolled along Manhattan Avenue with his brindled French bulldog lagging at the end of a leash."
11) "Greenpoint, a low-rise neighborhood in a high-rise market, is having a moment of on-everyone's-radar flux. Not for nothing did Lena Dunham, creator of the much blogged-and-blabbed-about HBO series 'Girls,' headquarter her slacker/strivers in a tacky but affordable walk-up here."

10) "The division of the population between longtime Polish and Hispanic residents and a steady influx of defectors from Manhattan and other quadrants of Brooklyn seeking lower rents or a bigger bang for their investment buck has been peaceable—not counting a bit of admonitory yet brand-conscious graffiti scrawled on a West Street warehouse a block from the waterfront, 'Give Your Prada To The Poor No Masters'. "

9) "For young men, and for some young women, sculptured hair, baggy shorts and tattoos, not the clingy undershirt, are the new sartorial normal."

8) "'It's going to be bigger than Williamsburg, it's going to dwarf Dumbo, and be twice the size of the Long Island City waterfront, like a massive version of the West Village waterfront. It's going to be nothing like Hoboken: it' going to be really cool.'"

7) "Vinyl siding doesn't represent Greenpoint's cachet any longer; virtual doormen, rooftop farms, artisanal gin and brick-faced condominiums do."

6) "The upside of Greenpoint's being livelier is that it is safer. The downside is a demand for Internet connectivity that outweighs the bandwidth supply: 'The technology providers have yet to realize that this is a rapid-growth community with a certain amount of wealth.'"

5) "'Greenpoint is what Williamsburg was five years ago,' said Erica Dobbs, who nine months ago opened Ana Chronos, a boutique at 135 Franklin Street that sells 'artisanal clothing' and 'aged couture'."

4)" "Outside, commuters poured up and down the stairs of the dreaded G-train station at Greenpoint Avenue, one of just two underground hubs in this one-line, two-stop neighborhood where access to Manhattan via subway includes a mandatory transfer in Queens. "It is what it is," Mr. Maundrell said of the G train. 'Most people can handle a two-train commute; a three-train commute, not so much.'"

3) "'It's not a question of if Greenpoint is going to become the next Williamsburg, it's when,' said Lauren Baggett, 27, who rents a small converted garage on Dupont Street for $1,500 a month with her partner, Megan Paslawski, a graduate student at the City University of New York. 'It was a stroke of luck to find the garage, but now it's for sale, so it's just a matter of time before our luck runs out and somebody buys it and turns it into condos'."

2) The patchouli oil of Gen Y gentrification is scenting the air.... Café Grumpy, a Wi-Fi-compliant virtual office for hoards of freelancers, set up shop and start roasting its own beans in a vintage Probat in 2005.

1) "'Next year we'll probably have to move,' he said. 'Rents in the newest buildings are $3,500 for one-bedrooms, and even if the infiltration of cool people with discretionary money to spend isn't to the point of Williamsburg, you sense it coming.'"
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