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Triangular Trellis AIDS Memorial Is an 'Empathic' Green Arbor

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At the end of June, Studio a + i unveiled their new plans for the AIDS Memorial Park during a community board meeting, and the design seems to be very well received. Justin Davidson gave it the archicritic treatment in New York magazine, describing the new park plan as a "soft green arbor" that differs greatly from the original idea of fencing in the green space with mirrors. The design features a triangular trellis planted with vines that shades the 1,600-square-foot plot. A circular cutout allows the elements to come through to a small reflecting pool, and the granite pavers feature quotes.

Davidson praises the redesign, saying it is "far softer, more empathic and understated than the competition entry." He continues:

It is also much more modest, a tiny arbor parting tributaries of traffic. Maybe that's appropriate. AIDS is a global epidemic, its victims members of varied but overlapping communities, and its treatment triggered political battles of appalling intensity. Yet at the same time, each victim and each grouping of friends and family members has had to wage a separate battle with the disease, and this quietly abstract memorial?a life-filled roof, mottled light, a watery eye?captures something crucial about the intersection of public space and private reflection.· An Exclusive First Look at the Design for the AIDS Memorial Park [NYM]
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