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Five Nautical Homes Now for Sale on Coney Island

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In the case the weather isn't a clue (maybe today it isn't), it's summer. That means the masses are flocking to Coney Island, and then flocking back to wherever it is they live. Instead of relying on mass transit to take you to the seaside oasis that is Coney Island, why not just purchase a home there? It's so much easier, plus you'll be able to watch all the boardwalk gentrification drama up close. (And since it could be warm through October, it isn't even too late for the season.) Here, without further ado, are five Coney properties just waiting to be snatched up. (Memo to Coney brokers: bigger listing photos next time, please?)

3080 West 1st Street #701, Coney Island
This Coney Island penthouse boasts four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a $1.3M price tag. It’s got a terrace, rooftop cabana, and immediate access to the beach and boardwalk. Looks like we’re moving to Coney Island!

2723 West 16th Street, Coney Island
Do you have three cars and four family members (who would like their own bedroom) and are looking to relocate to Coney Island? Well, then we've found the house for you. It has two bathrooms, and is currently occupied by a tenant for $2,000 a month. But for $599,000 it can be yours and you can kick them out, because you own the place and want to live in Coney Island.

2814 West 35th Street, Coney Island
Are you looking to not only move to Coney Island, but to get your hands dirty and own two homes on one lot? Then 2814 West 35th is the perfect property for you. It's two homes, and legally a three-family with four beds and two baths. One of the houses needs work, and for $529,000, it could all be yours. And at a discount: the price was dropped $20,000 three months ago.

2204 Neptune Avenue, Coney Island
First of all, the name of the street is Neptune Avenue, so that's the first reason we want to move here. Sporting three bedrooms, one bathroom and one half bath, this house is going for $489,000 and apparently has too much awesomeness "to mention." The price was dropped $10,000 a week ago.

3306 Mermaid Avenue, Coney Island
So, remember how we said we wanted to move to Neptune Ave. because of the name? Okay, we lied. We are so moving to 3306 Mermaid Ave. It's a townhouse that has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms along with a parking spot! This nautical American dream can be yours for $418,000. The price was dropped $32,000 11 weeks ago.
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