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Self-Powered Green Machine B&B Unveiled in Carroll Gardens

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Carroll Gardens is now home to New York's first self-powered building. Voltaic Solaire, the same group behind the sun-powered rental coming to Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, unveiled a solar- and wind-powered townhouse at the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Ninth Street. Inhabitat has a 32-photo gallery showing the inside and outside of the new building, named the Delta, which will actually be renting as a bed and breakfast starting next month. The eco building's second floor is a 345-square-foot studio, while the third, fourth, and fifth floors are a triplex. Costs will be $150-$200 per day for the studio and $275-$350 for the triplex.

The 2,700-square-foot property powers itself with a solar awning, a solar roof, a solar skin, and a vertical-axis wind turbine. The rooftop panels provide shade for the terrace on top of the building, and the shiny integrated PVs on the exterior walls are transparent and create a very glass-like effect.

The units are equipped with transforming furniture like Murphy beds, and energy-efficient appliances. The building is on a triangular plot, so the layouts look a bit odd, and it seems that you access at least one floor in the triplex by a rickety pulldown metal staircase:

Voltaic Solaire's goal with the project? "If we can develop a building that powers itself, on an unusual trianglular lot in one of the most code-heavy cities in the world, our hope is to serve as a model, and inspire other developers around the world to do the same."

Click through for a bunch more photos, the tech specs, and more green details.
· Voltaic Solaire Unveils First NYC Building That Powers Itself [Inhabitat]