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$5.25M for Two Upper West Side Houses (One is in a Tree)

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The second house at 158 West 92nd Street doesn't have much in the way of amenities—a few windows, a roof—and it's a walkup (climb-up). Then again, it's a tree house, so what did you really expect? The actual house, a 4,000-square-foot, four-story brownstone is much more spacious. It features two functional wood-burning fireplaces (plus five decorative fireplaces—if you need dozens of feet of mantle space, this is the place for you), as well as a kitchen that's probably bigger than your entire apartment. And, as evidenced by the listing photos, one of the bathrooms is the perfect place to hang a bunch of plates with babies painted on them. Nothing weird about that. It's listed at $5,250,000, which doesn't seem like all that much for four bathrooms and six bedrooms (are we counting the tree house as one of the bedrooms, though?)

· Listing: 158 West 92nd Street [Corcoran]