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Own a Little Slice of The Apthorp for $2.825M

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Sixteen units in everybody's favorite building, The Apthorp, are currently on the market, and this is the newest one. Compared to any other Apthorp apartment, it's nothing special (which is to say that compared to any other apartment not in the Apthorp, it's definitely quite special.) So why mention it? Well, it just happens that this one is having an open house tomorrow from 12:30 to 2:30, and it does not appear to come with the dreaded By Appointment Only tag. Always dreamed of setting foot inside the former home of countless celebrities including Nora Ephron, Conan O'Brien, Al Pacino, and others who aren't listed on the building's Wikipedia page? Now you can. Just don't tell them we sent you.

· Listing: 390 West End Avenue #5KN [Corcoran]
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