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How Much Is Too Much For a Brighton Beach Condo?

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Follow up question: How many chandeliers are too many chandeliers? This many? Probably this many. The original owner of the crazy penthouse in 2803 Ocean Parkway paid $600K for it in 2006 and sold it in 2010 to Imigo Partners LLC for $960,000. Imigio hopefully made some improvements, because they just listed the place for $4,599,000. (Don't worry though; the monthly charges and taxes come out, somewhat unbelievably, to $960.) It's quite the apartment, location notwithstanding, at (apparently) 4,000 square feet, plus 3,000 square feet of outdoor space, with five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a sauna. It's really one of the sparklier places we can think of.

One definite change is the size. When the original owner, a Mr. Move, bought the unit back in 2006, the area totaled 1,721 square feet. Now the total interior has been more than doubled, if the brokerbabble is to be believed, which has, in turn, led the price to quadruple. Presumably, other updates have been made as well, although the listing makes no mention of them. Unfortunately, they couldn't update it to actually be on the water, which would seem like a requirement if you're paying that kind of money in that part of town.

Lest you think that there's no precedent for this kind of ask in Brighton Beach, the bonkers oceanfront mansion located around one and a half miles away that was asking $ no longer listed. Oh well. Unfortunately, no floorplan is available yet.
· Listing: 2803 Ocean Parkway [Douglas Elliman]