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Madison Ave Mansion Flipper Tries Again For $2M Less

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When Lily Lee Wong bought the townhouse at 21 East 84th Street in 2007 for $12.1 million and then re-listed it less than a month later for $24.5 million, Douglas Elliman's Dolly Lenz was quoted as saying, "I don’t quite get what she’s doing here." Apparently, no one else did either, and the place sat around for a couple years, then was un-listed and re-listed this February for $19.9 million. Then it sat around for another five months, was un-listed again, and just returned asking $17.9 million. The pictures are slightly different this time around—all the furniture has been removed, but that really only serves to highlight some of the place's weirder features (most notably the mirror ensconced fireplaces.)

The house, designed by John Duncan and built in 1889 by Robert B. Lynd, has a lot of things you might expect a $17.9 million townhouse to have—five stories, 7,980 square feet, an elevator, original details—but it also has some things that you wouldn't necessarily expect any place to have. The mirrored fireplaces stand out in that regard. So does the kitchen (apparently renovated in 2008), which doesn't resemble a kitchen so much as a huge dressing room with a stove (and that backsplash...) In lieu of a floorplan, here's some brokerbabble:

Throughout the residence, dramatic ceiling heights inspire awe, as do an abundance of well-preserved and restored original details such as oak wood inlay flooring, mahogany and other hardwood interior walls, original 1899 stained-glass panels, 6 large wood-burning fireplaces, exquisite skylights, double-paned windows on the sleeping levels, and crystal chandeliers that catch the sun's rays from huge picture and leaded glass windows. · Listing: 21 East 84th Street #TH [Town]
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