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Mo Vaughn Spending His Retirement Deforesting Brooklyn

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After a tumultuous playing career, former first baseman Mo Vaughn was probably looking forward to a nice, quiet retirement owning housing complexes in Brooklyn and the Bronx. However, Vaughn and his company, OMNI New York, are in a bit of hot water after they chopped down almost every tree at their DCA Central Brooklyn complex in Brownsville, supposedly for security reasons (or maybe the trees were questioning Vaughn's leadership). The residents are, understandably, none too pleased. "It makes me feel like we're in a cage," one said. Another complained about the floodlights that now shine into her windows. The seventeen missing trees, which were removed over the course of two weeks with no prior warning to residents, are being replaced with flowers, bushes, and smaller trees. Look on the bright side, though: if this had happened during Vaughn's years with the Mets, he would have cut down one of the trees, missed the other sixteen, and torn his achilles tendon in the process.
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