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Hanging Out at I. M. Pei's Midtown Oasis

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Throughout the summer, we'll be carrying on the proud tradition of Weekend Open Housing, visiting some of New York City's nicest (or not) open houses, and reporting back to you.

Location: The Centurion, 33 West 56th Street
In the House: Us, and a lovely tour guide.
What We Were Surrounded By: Stunning architecture by I.M. Pei.

Someone, somewhere convinced I. M. Pei to build luxury condominiums on 56th street. He did the job, and the result is the spectacular Centurion. Coming off of the loud and noisy 56th street and walking into the lobby, you’re immediately transported to the world of Pei. It’s quiet inside, with the soft flow of air conditioning providing the only noise. Through a large glass window in front of you is a modern water fountain, presenting the main theme of the building: water. The building drips in French limestone and the architecture is modern and refined. Have we mentioned that we really like this place?
The first penthouse we saw was Penthouse 2A, a three bedroom with four bathrooms for $12.8M. It's 3,160 square feet. We walked into a large, expansive living room with windows lining the wall looking downtown, and a library off to the left looking towards the park. The library can become a fourth bedroom (the rest of the bedrooms are located upstairs) so this penthouse could technically be a four bedroom if one preferred. The spaces have dramatic views of the surrounding 50s; MOMA is in your line of view, as is Bergdorfs and Central Park through the surrounding sky scrapers.

Penthouse 2B is next door, and is a little smaller at 2,903 sq. ft, but still beautifully designed and laid out. It's three bedroom, three and half bath and is listed for $12.3M.

On the floor below Penthouses 2A and B is Penthouse 1A. It's a $14.5M two bedroom with an open floor plan, and the elevator opens up right into the 3,557-square-foot space. The large living room, dining room and kitchen are in the east wing of the apartment, while the west wing houses the two bedrooms. It has the ability to become a three bedroom by making the oversized kitchen smaller and putting said room in it’s space. Overall, Penthouse 1A is incredible, with beautiful accents in the bathrooms and a kitchen that surely does impress. One incredible feature was countertops that were custom built for The Centurion. They are wood counters with very thick glass on top of them, something we’ve never seen before and something that was really interesting and well done. All of the condominiums have these kitchen and bathroom accents.

So yeah, three different Penthouses are nice, but the whole time we were thinking, “Lets make a giant townhouse in the sky and combine all three units!” As it turns out, The Centurion is already ahead of us. Combining all three penthouses costs $39M, and will give you 9,620 square feet of space. If you want, they’ll even throw in I.M.'s Sandi Pei! Well, you can’t keep him, but you can have him redesign your new, massive Centurion penthouse. If you need us, we’ll be at our new residence at the top of The Centurion.
? Rob Aquino
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The Centurion

33 West 56th Street, New York, NY