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Broken Angel House Takes to Kickstarter to Become a Museum

The story of the Broken Angel, the beautiful homemade craft mansion in Clinton Hill, may not be seeing the sad end that was predicted back in May. Artist Arthur Wood, who built the architectural gem with his late wife Cynthia Wood, was awaiting eviction, as the bank foreclosed on the house, but now it looks as though his son, Christopher, is trying to save the Broken Angel through Kickstarter. Through the fundraising website, Christopher aims to raise $50,000 to turn the house into a museum to showcase his parents' work, as well as all of the work that is submitted as part of the campaign. Christopher is asking donators to design original pieces of artwork on small squares of paper that will cover the facade of the building to create "the world's largest collaborative art piece." The campaign has 24 days left, and so far only $1,600 has been collected. And yes, for those of you who are wondering, Arthur still lives in the house, ringing his bell.
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