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Greenpoint's Sweater Factory Lofts Reappear on Craigslist

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Despite the fact that there is still a Stop Work Order issued for 239 Banker Street, someone is once again trying to rent out the building as loft apartments. New York Shitty spotted two new ads on Craigslist for the building, touting "massive," "fully renovated lofts" with a "gigantic roof deck" for $3300. According to the DOB website, the building's Loft Law application is still pending, and there are 22 open building violations, including a handful of Work Without a Permit violations. While the building's status just keeps getting more confusing, there is definitely one thing that is very clear: you should not answer these Craigslist ads.
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239 Banker Street

239 Banker Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222