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The New York City of 'Annie Hall,' 36 Years Later

What's your favorite movie filmed in New York City? For Nick Carr of Scouting NY, it's Annie Hall, and for a feature he calls "New York, You've Changed," Carr compares the 1976 New York of Annie Hall to the New York of today. But this isn't just what's gone and what's new?Carr does a full shot-by-shot dissection, giving us a side-by-side visual comparison. He traveled to all of the film's main locales, from Annie's apartment on 68th Street between Madison and Park to her Hampton's beach house to Alvy's Coney Island childhood home. Above, you an see Alvy's home under the now-demolished Thunderbolt; today, it's an empty lot.

Above, Alvy and his friend Rob walk down East 66th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. As you can see, it's hardly changed at all. Even the trees look the same. And below, there's a view of South Street. Then, decrepit buildings were crumbling along the west side of the street, and now new modern buildings stand in their place:

Click through for a bunch more locations, including the Beekman Theater, the Wall Street Racquet Ball Club, and Dune Road in the Hamptons.
· The Filming Locations of Annie Hall, Part 1 - New York, You've Changed [Scouting NY]