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Willoughby Street Park is Kicking Tenants Out of Brooklyn

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Like a lot of projects in Downtown Brooklyn, Willoughby Square Park has been slow moving. The plans for the park, which will be atop an underground parking garage, were announced five years ago, and it took another three years to decide what the park would look like. Located on one-acre of city-owned land at Willoughby and Duffield Streets, the park is replacing a low-income tenement building that will be torn down once all of the tenants are evicted. According to the Brooklyn Paper, tenants report that the city original promised to place them in comparable housing nearby, but the tenants recently found out that they won't even be staying in the borough.

At least one person was offered space in the Tremont section of the Bronx, and others have already been moved to the Lower East Side. Instead, residents would like to move into open units in the Walt Whitman Houses in Fort Greene. The city has set no demolition date yet for the building, which once housed 40 families.
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