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Emeril Lagasse's UES Townhouse Kicks It Down a Notch

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Without Emeril's chef coat hanging visibly in the closet, the full shelf of salts in the kitchen, or the BAM! tile in one of the upstairs kitchenettes, it's easy to forget this is Emeril Lagasse's townhouse. It just looks like any other UES home with a bit of European flavor to the decor. The de-celebrification is the product of a broker switch?after a few months with Gumley Haft Kleier (complete with an appearance on Selling New York), the house at 158 East 61st Street is now on the market with Sotheby's. The price is the same at $13.5 million (PriceChopped from the initial ask of $15 million), but the photos are definitely not. Will the softer look finally sell the place?

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158 East 61st Street

158 East 61st Street, New York, NY