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Park Slope Historic District Expands; Artists on Ellis Island

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PARK SLOPE?You may have heard about some big expansion plan that City Council passed today, but they also passed a smaller expansion plan. The latter was for the Park Slope Historic District, which is now the largest historic district in the city. The expansion includes 580 buildings, from about 7th Street to 15th Street (including the 7th Avenue frontage), 7th Avenue to 8th Avenue, and along 15th Street from 8th Avenue to Prospect Park West. Most of the buildings in the newly included area are rowhouses that were completed by 1910. [Curbedwire Inbox; map]

ELLIS ISLAND?The first ever Artist in Residence program is currently taking place on Ellis Island, and this Friday, the program will host its first presentations. Debra Scacco's "Treasures from Home" will be displayed on the third floor of the Immigration Museum. The work features a hand loom reminiscent of those used by immigrant women, and on Friday, Scacco will be discussing how her own immigration experiences influence her art. The other work, called "Feed Me a Story," will be an interactive piece set near the departure line for the ferry. Theresa Loong and Laura Nova will be passing out doughnuts and asking visitors to share stories about family foods and traditions. [Curbedwire Inbox]