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City Council Passes NYU's Village Expansion Plan

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The City Council convened today to vote on the NYU 2031 expansion, and residents of Greenwich Village convened in the balcony to yell things at them. Long story short: everybody got kicked out. Christine Quinn barely managed to say three words about the plan before she was drowned out in a chorus of boos and hisses. After she called for silence a couple times, she told the protesters that if they couldn't be quiet, they would have to leave. That worked for about two seconds, then some old guy yelled, "YOU should leave!" and that was a wrap. According to multiple press releases, the plan passed.

A few more observations:

· The protesters were warned that they could not hold "those yellow signs" above their heads. Chest level only. Perhaps they also should have also been warned that they couldn't repeatedly yell things like "Shame on you!" and "This is a democracy!"
· Quinn's got a pretty quick trigger finger.
· This little kid read his speech to the City Council before the start of the hearing. It was pretty cool.

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