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Community Board Ambivalent About Hell's Kitchen Pyramid

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Just as we predicted, developer the Durst Organization came up against a teeny tiny problem when it brought its magic pyramid at 625 West 57th Street before Community Board 4 last night. CB 4 members weren't exactly fond of the provision that the project's affordable housing would be available for only 35 years. This despite the developer's promise that in addition to the "sustainability" and "architectural innovation," the building will also "offer affordable units available for a baby born this year." We're not really sure what that means, or how it answers the community board's concerns about the 35-year timeline.
Durst announced that if everything went efficiently and accordingly to plans (if!) the Pyramid would be completed in Spring 2015. CB 4 liked that promise, as well as the 410,000 square feet that the plan for the parking garage and building would unlock. Community board members also liked Durst's suggestion that the Children's Museum could be housed on the building's ground floor?but a rep from Durst awkwardly admitted they hadn't spoken to the organization in "over a year."

In the end, the lack of permanent affordable housing was simply a no-go for CB 4, partly because the 'hood has more affordable housing set to expire than any other community in the state of New York, members said. Ultimately, CB 4 decided to table a decision on the pyramid for a later date.
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625 W 57th St

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