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498 Broome Penthouse Plan in Soho Gets OK from Landmarks

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A five-story stack of bricks and cast iron at 498 Broome Street near West Broadway in Soho was granted an approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission this week, allowing the 1885 building by architect Ernest Greis to grow a penthouse. The plan from Umberto Squarcia Designs for the 8,600 square foot building will create four residential units with a duplex up top and retail down below facing Broome Street. Big bricked-in arches on the east wall will be opened up and filled with glass.

Those arches at 498 Broome originally connected to a twin building that stood next door, destroyed by fire many years ago and replaced by two stories of bricks, owned since 1971 by Yoko Ono. The roof top offers spectacular downtown vistas, not to mention views of the terrace at Justin Timberlake's penthouse a block to the south. The new owner of 498 Broome is said to be a liquidating lumber man, specializing in flooring. His expertise will come in handy for interior renovations, where the original wood is scarred, tired and torn.
498 Broome was bought by artist and printmaker Chaim Koppelman in 1970, when prices were cheap. The story of 498 Broome is chronicled by Koppleman's wife and fellow artist, Dorothy Koppleman, at the Soho Memory Project. When they moved in back in 1963, the rent was ridiculously low, based on the threatened obliteration of Broome Street by Robert Moses' plan for the Lower Manhattan Expressway. After Koppelman's death in 2009, the building sold for $5,065,000 and then, after being listed for just over $8 million, sold again in 2011 to Goose Mountain NYC LLC for $6,600,000. The first floor has long been a showcase for artists; the last exhibit, Faces, Time and Places, closed at the end of June, presenting paintings and photographs by Ronnie Woods of the Rolllng Stones. With more condos coming in, the transformation of Soho continues apace.
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