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Garment District to Be Wiped Off the Map, Rebranded

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The much-talked about rezoning of the Garment District never came to fruition, but now the Fashion Center BID is trying to give the neighborhood a whole new look?and a whole new name. Leading the charge, according to the Journal, is BID executive director Barbara Randall, who earlier this year issued an RFP from marketing firms to come up with a new name for the Garment District. It's well-known that few fashion houses still manufacture in the Garment District, which stretches between Sixth and Ninth Avenues and 35th and 41st Streets, and Randall wants a name more reflective of the area's current occupants, mostly online media companies and architecture firms.

Along with the name change, Randall plans to remake the ground level retail in the 'hood, booting out the discount chains, bodegas, and fast-food restaurants to bring in high-end retail. Proposals for the new name were due last week, but Randall refused to hint at what they could be, so let's make up our own! What should we call this swath of Midtown? Leave your best (or worst) ideas in the comments.
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