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Capturing Coney Island in Film & Photos Before It Changes

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With the Coney Island redevelopment plans rolling out, many longtime New Yorkers, neighborhood residents, or just Coney lovers, have been paying tribute to the quirky beachside enclave, capturing the true spirit of the area before it changes forever. Photographer Alex Raytses debuted a new online collection of photographs called "Coney Dreams" that depict a calm, almost surreal beach and boardwalk, while filmmaker Amy Nicholson tells the ongoing story of Coney Island's rezoning and redevelopment from the perspective of the owner of the former Zipper ride.

Zipper Trailer from Amy Nicholson on Vimeo.

The Coney Island History Project documents the neighborhoods past, present, and future, and they've just unveiled a collection of never-before-seen photos of inside the historic Shore Theater. "The purpose of this exhibit," says photographer Charles Denson, "is to remind the public of the importance of the Shore Theater and the role it should play in the future of Coney Island. With the latest round of proposals to build casinos and hotels in Coney Island, it's easy to imagine a restored Shore Theater as the centerpiece of a year-round entertainment venue."

The photos will be on view in the History Project's exhibit center through September 3.
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