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40 Bond Superowners Seek $25,000/Month for Ninth-Floor Pad

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Even with all of the times apartments have come up for sale or rent at 40 Bond, it's rare for us to get a look inside a finished unit. But a Curbed operative spotted a fresh rental listing in the building, complete with photos! This 2BR/2.5BA is asking $25,000/month. The wood-burning fireplace was "designed by the architects," according to the brokerbabble. That "Austrian smoked oak treated with natural oil" sounds pretty nice, too. The landlord appears to be the deliciously-named Candy Jar LLC, the mystery London family that purchased the apartment for $5.632 million in February 2011. The family owns two other units in the building, which would make delivery of rent payments particularly easy for any new tenants.

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40 Bond Street

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