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Checking In On the Slow-Moving Gowanus Whole Foods

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To say that the development of the Gowanus Whole Foods has been slow-moving is a bit of an understatement. It's been in the works for more than eight years, and it was finally given the go-ahead in February. Well, five months later, there's still not much happening on the site. We visited a few weeks ago, and while the gates were open, nothing was happening. There was one backhoe just sitting in the massive empty lot. A tipster sends word that more backhoes have arrived, and they are actually moving things around now, so it seems like construction has started. Who wants to take bets on when the store will actually be complete?

Graffiti artists have made their mark on the construction fencing around the site, which has clearly been paid very little attention by the city. The "What's Going on Here?" sign outside the site still says that the project will be completed by April 2012:

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