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Inside Williamsburg's Never-Used Fourth Street Subway Station

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Flavorwire compiled a list of some of the coolest abandoned subway stations in the world, and, of course, a few NYC spots made the cut. New York's best known abandoned station, the end-of-the-line platform for the 6 train in City Hall, obviously was included, but so was a lesser-known hidden gem: the South Fourth Street station in Williamsburg. The station's construction was stalled because of World War II, and it has never been used for trains. In fact, it doesn't even have rails?it's just an underground concrete box. The station has been used by dozens of graffiti artists, and it was one of the locales featured in the Underbelly Project.

You've undoubtedly heard that if you stay on the 6 train while it makes the end-of-line loop, that you will be able to see the majestic old City Hall platform. But have you ever done this? We have, and it's been disappointing. It was just completely dark, and you couldn't see anything. We'd like to know if anyone has actually ever seen the beautiful station while riding the 6, or if you have to take a special tour. Take to the comments!

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