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Just an $8,900,000 Park Ave Duplex Co-op

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It's no $100,000,000 triplex penthouse, but this duplex at 830 Park Avenue is still a very nice apartment that you can't afford. Listed for $8,900,000, the 9th/10th floor, 4BR, 3BA unit is a little more on the subdued side, but it does include a 33-foot entrance gallery (complete, of course, with a fireplace) connected to a 26-foot living room, so it's not like it's boring or anything. It also features some very attractive molding. It is, to be honest, an extremely nice place. Plus it could be purchased by an actual human and not, say, a comic book oil baron, but what can we say: after spending the morning looking at pictures of inlaid marble floors and dramatic vistas, it's hard to get all that excited.

· Listing: 830 Park Avenue #9/10B [Sotheby's International]