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BK Bridge Park Pool Opens Friday; Matthew Broderick on NYU

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We're taking tomorrow off to celebrate America, but we'll be back at it mid-day on Thursday. Happy 4th of July!

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS?Brooklyn Bridge Park-goers will be able to catch a break from the heat in the park's new waterfront pool on the Pier 2 uplands, which opens at the end of the week. The pool will open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day through Labor Day, starting on Friday. The "pop-up" 3.5 feet-deep pool will be a part of the park for at least five summers, and $400,000 in state funding has been secured for operation costs. Only 60 people can fit in the 30' by 50' pool at one time, but there will be four swimming sessions to maximize the number of visitors allowed. Hopefully the pool won't be marred by violence like some other recently-opened swimming hole. [Curbedwire Inbox]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?With all the hubbub over NYU's expansion plan, you may be asking yourself, "Why does Matthew Broderick show up at all the meetings?" Well, his full testimony against the expansion is available online with all the answers. He grew up on Washington Square North feels "really speak about the Village and how it's changed." In his own words:

There are plans to take one of the last pieces of open-aired, sky-filled space in the South Village, an area that already holds the towering Washington Village. And the City allowed NYU to build Washington Village only because of a promise that NYU made to the City years ago to create and leave open park space below and to hold the land in trust for the public in perpetuity. That promise now seems on the verge of being broken. It's not that I am opposed to change. Some of the changes in the Village have actually been good. (People try to mug me less often.) But some changes have been really heartbreaking.

For me, the worst thing has been the gradual destruction of the things that make the Village so attractive in the first place.It's different; it's quirky. People still desperately want to be here. But will people still want to be here if all that quirkiness, that gorgeousness, that humanness of the Village disappears?

You can find his full testimony here. [NYU FASP]