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Latest Eight-Room Dakota Listing Seeks $14.5 Million

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For a building that dislikes the spotlight, it certainly feels as though legendary Upper West Side building the Dakota has had a lot of apartments on the market lately. The inevitable fallout of scandal? Whatever the reason, let's take a look at the building's newest on-the-market listing. The decor is a little lighter and less stuffy than some of its neighbors?even with some preserved architectural details mentioned in the listing, this owner might have added a few things to the building's door and fireplace storage room. The asking price for the three wood-burning fireplaces, 12-foot ceilings, and original plaster moldings, is $14.5 million, with maintenance an additional eye-popping $9,600/month.
There are five other apartments currently available in the building. The most expensive, #63, is asking $29.6 million and has been on the market since April; the cheapest is John Madden's, still asking $3.9 million.

How does #74 compare? Here's another listing photo and the floorplan for a more thorough comparison:

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The Dakota

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