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Old Greenpoint Hospital Building to Be Immersive Theater Set

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Now, we hate to call any artistic endeavor a copycat, but there's a new theater project taking over an empty section of the Greenpoint Hospital that sounds a lot like something we've seen before. Third Rail Projects is transforming 18 rooms of the former outpatient building of the hospital into the setting for "Then She Fell," an immersive theater experience that will open in October. The show will be performed for just 15 people at a time, and each audience member will be given a set of skeleton keys that open doors, desk drawers, and more so "your explorations are what's unlocking the narrative."

Every alcove and hallway will be transformed, and you'll have chance encounters with the actors, unearth secrets to the story, and even find custom-mixed elixirs from touted mixologists with notes reading "drink me." The group took to Kickstarter to raise the funds for outfitting the space with set designs, props, and art installations, and they've already raised more than their $4,500 goal, two weeks before the campaign closes. The first show will be October 6, but tickets are not yet available, so sign up for Third Rail's mailing list if trippy, site-specific theater is your thing.
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