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Get Your First Looks at Williamsburg's North 6th Nondos

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[Photos via tipster Simon Shimshilashvili]

For a while now the best rendering of the stalled development site at 65-69 North 6th Street in Williamsburg was a two-tone drawing that looked heavy on concept, but light on the details. A tipster sent in the photos above, however, that show that rejuvenated project taking real shape and reveal some differences from the initial rendering. Most obvious: a segment on the righthand portion of the building has been recessed to allow the inclusion of balconies for some of the apartments. Less dramatic is a reduction in the number of window lights and a row of awning windows along the bottoms of most of the front windows.

The row of fourth-floor windows also have gained large elliptical panes above the highest transoms, which fit below elliptical brick arch lintels. This almost makes up for the removal of the elliptical pediment on the lefthand side of the building's facade, which broke up some of the horizontal flatness along the roofline and setbacks. Silverstone Property Group rescued the project from the Williamsburg Stall-Zone last year and are finishing it as rentals that should come to market in early 2013. If you have any pictures of projects that are coming back from the dead, or have thoughts on this one, please share via the tips line or in the comments.
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65 North 6th Street

65 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY