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Future Site of Bowery Hotel Finally Meets the Wrecking Ball

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Some projects just drag on forever. The forthcoming hotel at 185-191 Bowery seems to be one of them. It took the developer nearly a year to secure demolition permits, and now the buildings are practically being dismantled brick by brick. Bowery Boogie laments the loss of another building on the changing corridor, and many neighbors have spoken out against the 90,000-square-foot hotel that will rise on the four parcel lot.

To review: the CitizenM chain is planning an "affordable luxury" hotel that will have 315 rooms. There is no rendering for the hotel or new news about its design, so we're guessing that remains the same since our last report: "All the rooms have wall to wall windows, LCD flatscreens, rainshowers, a bed as 'big as your dreams,' and rooms that are controlled by a 'mood pad' and can change color."
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