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Before the Apthorp, There Was the Apthorp Mansion

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The Upper West Side's Apthorp is a classic building on its own?but it's also a commemoration of a much older building, a mansion built in 1764 on a hill near Columbus Avenue and 91st Street. The mansion was built by wealthy dude Charles Apthorp and known as Elmwood for the property's trees, explains Ephemeral New York in a post on the building's history. Some of those trees were fruit trees ("two very fine orchards of the best fruit"), mentioned in a 1780 newspaper ad for home, and the property took up a total of 300 acres. Above, a 1907 drawing of what the mansion looked like in 1790.

The mansion had a good run?even though Apthorp died in 1797 and his children sold off the land in pieces (part of it became Elm Park in the 19th century), the house itself remained standing until 1891. After its demolition, 91st Street took its place.
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Apthorp Building

390 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023