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Empty West End Avenue Lot May Become 45-Story Building

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A tipster points our way to the new Department of Buildings filing for 17-31 West End Avenue, aka 300-330 West 61st Street. According to the permit, filed last week, the owner is hoping to turn the now-empty lot (photo at right via Google Street View) into a 45-story, 529-foot building with 616 residential units. At least some of those units will be affordable housing. And in addition to 551,876 square feet of residential space, the permit calls for 94,326 square feet of commercial space, a 16,107-square-foot community facility, and 140 parking spaces. The folks at SLCE are listed as the architects, and we've reached out in search of renderings, so we'll update if we hear anything. In the meantime, anyone know more? Please do share.

UPDATE: Whoops! Commenters quickly reminded us that this is part of Riverside Center. We apologize for the brain freeze.
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