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Brewster Carriage Penthouse Lowers Its Expectations to $7M

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Nolita's Brewster Carriage House, a condo conversion of a 19th-century carriage factory, is 70 percent sold?and unit PHN is one of the ones keeping the building in C- territory. But perhaps not for long! A tipster points out that the price on PHN just got chopped by 13 percent, to $6.995 million. (The other remaining unit, #3S, received a small PriceChop in June.) The penthouse is still out of our price range, but maybe someone out there who's conducting an under-$7 million property search is about to become very happy.

· Listing: 374 Broome Street, PHN [Elliman]
· Brewster Carriage House coverage [Curbed]

The Brewster Carriage House

374 Broome Street, New York, NY