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Five Summer Retreats For Sale Right Now in the Rockaways

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So, City Island is too far and you just never saw yourself as a Coney Island resident? Fine, be picky. But fear not! Our summer-themed home sales options continue! This time, we’re shuttling you all to the Rockaways, the famed beachside town located in Queens. We present to you five properties picked based on how cute they are (very cute, though with regrettably small listing photos) and how for sale they are (very for sale) for you to make your official move to the Rockaways!

125 Beach 135th Street
So you want to party on an AstroTurf rooftop, but you don’t feel like waiting in line in the Meatpacking District to get into Le Bain? Well, we found the next best option! For $2.4M, you'll get four bedrooms, four bathrooms and one half-bath, along with a two car garage and your very own, super-exclusive VIP rooftop terrace. The terrace is 600 square feet, so you and your VIP friends can all fit on it and party the night away to the sounds of your very own exclusive DJ: your iPhone!

144-16 Neponsit Avenue
This listing took some decoding, since it looked like it had been sent over AIM by a sixth grader in 2003, but we think we've found you all a pretty nifty space for $1.2M. The house has four bedrooms, three baths, a Jacuzzi bath, and a rainforest shower and is just a short walk to the beach. Twenty-two months ago, the price was reduced by $24,000, but when you have a rainforest in your house, we're pretty sure the grounds are priceless.

310 Beach 144th Street
So you want to live in the Rockaways, but not the Rockaways of 2012?the Rockaways of 1976? We've got a listing for you! Tucked away at 310 Beach Street is a cute brick house who’s interior and furnishing have refused to leave the decade that brought us Studio 54, “Saturday Night Live” and The Odeon. And honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Someone give us $1.05M so we can move into this three-bedroom and 3.5 bath property. Get out your polyester suits and DVF wrap dresses!

460 Beach 143rd Street
Do you want a standard suburban home that shouts “American suburbia?” Then this $899K split level is right up your alley.

524 Beach 130th Street
“Hi Curbed, I have two families and I want to move to the Rockaways!” exclaimed an email we never received from anyone, ever. “Well, Polygamy in Queens, we have the house for you!” For $799,000 we have a two-family home with four bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The basement is newly furnished with a wet bar and the upstairs apartment has a porch. (Uh oh, which family gets the porch?) The price was reduced by $50,000 11 weeks ago.
?Robert Aquino
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