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Blinged Out Bleecker Street Station Has Color-Changing Lights

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The new Bleecker Street Station, which will connect the uptown and downtown 6, B, D, and F trains, recently got decked out with a pretty awesome digital art installation. Instead of regular boring fluorescent lights, the MTA tapped artist Leo Villareal to create a honeycomb of LEDs on the ceiling. We stopped by on our commute today just in time to see the MTA test the lights, so we got the full color-changing light show. According to the MTA lady sitting in the info box, the station is supposed to open next Tuesday, August 7, but she seemed quite skeptical about that actually happening.

The light display is on the east side of the station. When you get off of an uptown 6 train, it is located at the end of the platform.

The lights will rapidly change colors, varying in hue and intensity. It will be even more striking for the riders walking up the stairs and escalator.

The lights seen from outside the turnstiles near the uptown 6 train entrances on Mulberry Street:

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