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Here Now, 10 Brooklyn Properties That Just Can't Sell

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Back in October, we looked at 10 Manhattan properties that have lingered on the market for a truly impressive number of months. We decided it was high time to see how Brooklyn's lingerers measure up, so with the help of Curbed intern Arabella Watters, we combed through the StreetEasy listings for Brooklyn listings that just can't sell. A few methodological parameters: we omitted a number of listings that appear to have sold even though they remain on StreetEasy, and we also skipped properties that had neither photos nor links to actual listings. The list below is organized by date since the property's first appearance on the market, so the days on market stat doesn't always match each property's place on the list. Here now, 10 Brooklyn properties that just can't seem to sell.

10) Address: 909 East 29th Street
Asking Price: $185,000
Days on Market: 967
Vitals: 2BRs
Fatal Flaw: "You'll never believe you're in NYC...except for the fact that there's a Dunkin' Donuts on the corner. Buy this place, and your housing and nutritional needs will be met!"

9) Address: 2592 East 26th Street
Asking Price: $559,000
Days on Market: 592
Vitals: 3BRs, 2.5BAs
Fatal Flaw: This property has been on and off the market so much, with a few sales recorded, that we can't really tell for sure whether it's still available. It was last relisted in December 2010.

8) Address: 15 Cove Lane #5A
Asking Price: $399,000
Days on Market: 601
Vitals: 2BRs, 2.5BAs
Fatal Flaw: This place started at $455,000 in fall 2008, and is fast approaching its fourth on-the-market anniversary. Maybe the owner actually puts the laundry away for the open house.

7) Address: 2072 Ocean Avenue #501
Asking Price: $599,000
Days on Market: 601
Vitals: 3BRs, 2BAs
Fatal Flaw: We're going to blame the staging here.

6) Address: 174 Highlawn Avenue
Asking Price: $899,000
Days on Market: 601
Vitals: 2BRs, 5BAs, spread out over an office, a two-bedroom apartment, and a studio apartment
Fatal Flaw: This place was initially listed for $1,049,000, but even with several PriceChops (interrupted by a few months off the market in 2010), we're guessing it has farther to fall.

5) Address: 706 Macon Street
Asking Price: $699,000
Days on Market: 1,460 days
Vitals: This is a 2,430-square-foot multi-family property.
Fatal Flaw: The broker's website appears no longer functional?which probably doesn't help matters.

4) Address: 637 Halsey Street
Asking Price: $550,000?or perhaps $350,000
Days on Market: 1,514 days
Vitals: 5BRs, 3BAs, 2,430 square feet
Fatal Flaw: This is a three-family house being sold with a lot. The Elliman listing says there's a signed contract (perhaps the $350,000 on the listing is the final price), but we see no evidence of a closing in public record. "Each unit can use your vision for a new layout," according to the listing.

3) Address: 1410 Avenue S #4B
Asking Price: $215,000
Days on Market: 1,532
Vitals: 1BR, 1BA
Fatal Flaw: Despite being "priced for a quick sale," this Midwood co-op lingers on the market. Prospective buyers advised to cover their eyes before entering the lime green room.

2) Address: 918 East 14th Street #C1
Asking Price: $197,400
Days on Market: 1,545
Vitals: 1BR, 1BA, 658 square feet
Fatal Flaw: With only the kitchen and bathroom pictured, it's hard to zero in on the problem here. Anyone seen it?

1) Address: 327 101st Street #1
Asking Price: $611,000
Days on Market: 1,545 days
Vitals: 2BRs, 3BAs, 2,300 square feet
Fatal Flaw: Turns out May 7, 2008, was a popular, if unlucky, day to put Brooklyn properties on the market! The square footage on this one is impressive; the taxes of $4,000 are perhaps less so. Despite pricechops of 19 and 13 percent at various points in 2008, no one's jumped to follow the "hurry - short sale!!!" directive on this listing.
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