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Click-and-Pick Home Repair Site Helps The Un-Handy

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Many New Yorkers have probably confronted a home repair situation and realized that the undersized hammer, lone screw driver, leftover allen wrench and odd assortment of random screws rattling around a kitchen drawer were not sufficient to fix the problem. The thought of finding and calling a professional leaves one feeling vulnerable—is the plumber/carpenter/electrician one calls in going to be able to do the job or make it worse and leave? Will the job cost an arm and a leg, or just one of the two limbs? A new site company called promises hassle-free home improvement that makes home repairs or hiring a contractor just one more online shopping experience. says that it will handle everything from the repair of a leaky faucet to a gut renovation of a home. Smaller repair jobs like evaluating and fixing a running toilet tank cost or a malfunctioning light fixture are quoted at an exact price, and the site will send a licensed, bonded, pre-screened contractor to one's apartment to do the fix. Payment goes to the site and the company will pay the contractor after a grace period when the homeowner is satisfied that the work has been done. Larger jobs require users to submit pics and more details, and will return four bids from licensed pros for evaluation to the user.
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