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Create a Park Avenue Maisonette for a Mere $15.999 Million

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Why buy an $8.9 million duplex at 830 Park Avenue when you could buy a triplex downstairs for many more millions of dollars? Maybe the owners of #1A are hoping to seize on the foot traffic into the building to lure in a buyer, since the 3,800-square-foot triplex maisonette was just listed for $12.999 million. It's renovated, has a bar, and comes with a storage room?and with the opportunity, for just a little extra, to acquire the adjoining doctor's office with private Park Avenue entrance. The total price for that combo? $15.999 million The doctor's office space has already been converted for residential use, according to the listing, and architect George W. Sweeney has drawn up plans for a combination of the two spaces.

The current floorplan for #1A:

The proposed new floorplan:

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