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Glowing LED Buckyball Coming to Madison Square Park

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New York artist Leo Villareal, the man tasked with beautifying the new Bleecker Street subway station, is bringing his signature LED light artwork to Madison Square Park. Named 'Buckyball' (for Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the geodesic dome), the sculpture will consist of two giant spheres made from hexagons of LED tube lights that will sit atop a large podium in the park. The lights are capable of creating 16 million different colors, and a random mathematical sequencing will be constantly shifting the shade of the display. It will be unveiled sometime in November on October 25 and be on view through February 2013. Meanwhile, across the country, Villareal is working on a massive light show for San Francisco's Bay Bridge.
· Bucky and the Burner: Leo Villareal Is Lighting Up New York and San Francisco With Massive, Glowing, LED-Tube Artworks [GalleristNY via Inhabitat]