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The Chelsea Market Expansion That's Not a High Line Skybox

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[Move slider back and forth between Jamestown plan and a proposed Plan B that transfers all of the new construction activity towards Ninth Avenue]

As the battle over the Chelsea Market Expansion continues, David Holowka at the ArchiTakes blog offers an alternative to Jamestown Properties' High Line-hovering proposal to build an expansion of the Chelsea Market on its 10th Avenue side. Holowka proposes a Plan B to Jamestown's project, which doesn't require a rezoning of the area that abuts the new elevated urban viaduct park. It moves all of the square footage of the expansion away from the High Line, over to the Ninth Avenue end of the Chelsea Market, where it is closer to Google's current building, subway lines, and won't cast shadows over the park. Plan B is a bit of a strawman academic exercise, however, because Holowka believes that Jamestown is in cahoots with Google and various municipal leaders to appropriate the popular High Line for their own gain. What do you think?
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