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Seven Fresh Views of the Renamed Fulton Center

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The Fulton Street Transit Center had its official name value-engineered to just Fulton Center in May, which is a reduction we fully support. And progress on the exterior cladding of the oculus means that we can no longer call it the Fulton Street Tyvek Center. Construction on the downtown transit hub continues to inch towards its destination, and these photos sent in by a tipster show further progress towards its scheduled 2014 arrival. Most recently, workers have been installing the main building's glass cladding and will continue this phase through August. There should also be finishing work on the Dey Street underground pedestrian concourse that links the Fulton Center to the WTC Transportation Hub. If you see any more dramatic changes to the Fulton Center—or any other construction project going on around town—snap a few pics and send them to the Tips Line.
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Fulton Center

Fulton Street and Broadway, New York, NY