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Here Now, Meet NYC's First Certified Passive House

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The lower East Side's ABC No Rio is on the way to becoming a passive house, designed to meet German standards of near-total airtightness and energy efficiency, but one NYC building got there before it. The above house, at 23 Park Place in Park Slope, recently became NYC's first certified passive house. (A few other projects have been built to passive house standards, but none have been certified.) The architectural designer, Julie Torres Moskovitz, passed along some images of the house, an 1899 brownstone owned by a couple of artists. The interior's still under construction, and since the property isn't landmarked, it's a retrofit without much of the retro?all of the fireplaces and the chimney, for instance, were removed to improve the airtightness of the space. Stay tuned for interior photos once the project is completed later this summer.
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