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Big Reveal: $1.6M for a 3BR Duplex in Brooklyn Heights

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You Pricespotters were a little stingey with your guesses this week. We thought for sure that if we offered up a 3BR apartment with three actual bedrooms—closets in each one and everything!—that there would be excitement and swooning and irrational exuberance. That turned out not to be the case, however, as the median guess of $1.3 million was 17% below the actual asking price of $1,575,000. We'll chalk that up to a post-holiday hangover or indigestion from too many hot dogs off the grill. Thanks for playing!
· 157 Hicks Street, #1 [BHS via StreetEasy]
· How Much For a 3BR Duplex Co-op In Brooklyn Heights [Curbed]