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Kensington Residents to Overthrow Tyrants, Eat Borsht

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The author of last week's Angriest Note Ever (aka The General) could learn something here: this is how you write a note! Just compare the two opening sentences. The General: "You are among the most disrespectful neighbors we have ever encountered." Ilya Dmitrikovich: "When I first laid eyes on pool I was reminded of greatness of living in USA." Where The General sought to divide, Ilya seeks to unite. Where The General whined about loud speakers, Ilya evokes memories of Stalinist Russia. Where The General demands a full night's sleep, Ilya dares to dream of eating cold borsht with a badge-less lady. And now his dreams are crumbled? Is an outrage! Compatriots, UNITE!!! In the lobby! Time unspecified! (In case anyone is curious, 'einicle' is Yiddish for grandchild, we think.)

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