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Tourists Nab Free 1BR With Great Light (Mattress in Street)

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A word of advice to tourists: even though the city never sleeps, you will eventually need to, so you might want to plan ahead. A MadParkNews reader spotted this couple, complete with rolling suitcases, waking up in the Flatiron District yesterday morning. Good morning, New York! Good morning, truck! Good morning, bed bugs! Honestly, the most confusing part of this might be that the street sleepers had the presence of mind to cover the mattress with a sheet before bedding down for the night, which is just a weird level of responsibility for someone who has already decided to sleep outside in a major metropolitan area that's famous for mugging tourists. But hey, what do we know? They still have their luggage, they just saved a bundle of money, and they're off to see the sights! Safe travels, crazy tourists! For tomorrow night, might we recommend sleeping on the subway instead? It's air conditioned.
· Tourist couple sleeps on discarded mattress in the Flatiron District [MadParkNews]