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$30M PH in Jennifer Aniston's Old Building on the Market

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It's shaping up to be a big weekend for eight-figure condos. 299 West 12th Street once represented the culmination of Jennifer Aniston's Homeric apartment search (she moved out less than a year later.) Now, the crown jewel of the Emory Roth-designed Bing & Bing Building has, for the first time, entered the market, and it is really something. The triplex penthouse contains thirteen rooms in its 4,050 square feet of interior space and also includes 2,425 square feet of terraces because sure, that seems like a reasonable amount of terraces. It's asking $30,000,000. Other ridiculous features include the 432-square-foot great room (used to be a ballroom; currently a bedroom), the atrium, the library, and, well, just about everything. Did we mention the 2,425 square feet of terraces? If there's ever been an apartment that's actually worth $30M, this might be it.

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