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Weekend Home: This Hamptons House is Made of Wood

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We profile one fun weekend home every Sunday, courtesy of Curbed Hamptons...

Location: Westhampton Beach
Price: $689,000
Size: 4BR, 2BA, 2,600 sq. ft.

Sure, most houses are made of wood, but this house is really made of wood. It's like the inside of a boat or something. You could buy it and then spend the rest of the summer pretending to be a pirate, except you wouldn't get seasick and no one would make you climb a rope ladder or fight merchants with a cutlass. So it's not perfect. But it is very neat. And it only costs $689,000, which seems reasonable. The brokerbabble is very into the fact that the house has been occupied by the same family for decades, although that kind of just seems like code for "hasn't been updated in a while."

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