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A Senior Swim Pool Party; DOT Urban Art Open Call

NEW YORK CITY?Since January, the Department of Transportation has installed ten new temporary artworks, including 2,500 feet of murals on street barriers and the "Humps and Bumps" pedestrian seating project in Jamaica. The DOT is looking for new projects for its pARTners program and the Barrier Beautification program. If you have an artwork in mind, the deadlines for applications are August 24 and September 7, respectively. [Curbedwire Inbox; official]

HARLEM?Mayhem has taken over at McCarren, but there is still quiet time to be found at city pools, at least for senior citizens. The Parks Department has expanded its senior swim program to 14 pools, "offering quiet, relaxing time for older New Yorkers to exercise and socialize." Harlem kicked off the stress-free pool time with a performance from the Harlem Honey and Bears Swim Club, a synchronized swimming group for adults over 50. The senior swim hours are open to anyone 62 or older, and we must say, we're a tad jealous. It would be nice to relax poolside without throngs of screaming children or lifeguard-punching crazies. [Curbedwire Inbox]